Features of Tanta City

  • If you are looking for apartments for sale in Tanta, you will certainly find them in Kayan Real Estate Investment's projects. Kayan offers unique designs and the best finishing specifications, making it a guaranteed residential and investment opportunity in the heart of Tanta City.
  • Real estate investment in Egypt has witnessed significant growth in recent years, and the Tanta area represents one of the most attractive regions for investors and prospective property buyers. Tanta is strategically located in the Gharbia Governorate of Egypt, with easy access from various nearby cities and governorates. It's approximately 120 kilometers away from Alexandria and about 90 kilometers from Cairo, facilitating travel and connectivity to other regions. Tanta is one of the largest cities in the Gharbia Governorate, and its real estate properties come in a wide variety. If you are looking for apartments for sale in Tanta or a store for sale in Tanta, you will find everything you need.
  • Tanta boasts an advanced road network that connects it to other cities and governorates, making commuting and traveling convenient and fast for residents and investors alike. The international coastal road includes major arteries that link Tanta to Cairo and the cities of the North Coast, enhancing the city's value as an important economic and commercial center.
  • The Egyptian government is committed to developing the infrastructure of Tanta City to provide an ideal environment for investors and residents. This includes improving water and sewage services, enhancing public transportation and the electrical network, and providing modern medical and educational facilities.
  • Kayan Real Estate Investment in Tanta City: Kayan Real Estate Investment plays a pivotal role in the development of the Tanta area and city, offering diverse projects that cater to various needs. Kayan aims to meet customer expectations by providing a unique real estate product with the following features: a luxurious facade, hotel-style entrances, an intelligent waste disposal system, a commitment to delivery schedules, and excellent payment plans.

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